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Welcome to HealthPoint

HealthPoint has state of the art private hospitals, medical suites, clinics and a host of support medical facilities in the heart of Harare.
We are at the centre of a complimentary health network in Belgravia that adds incredible value and most importantly, Comprehensive Cover – for every patient- every need.
Our Accident and Emergency Unit is backed by the widest network of ground and air ambulance services with our partners Ace and Cimas.
Our Intensive Care and High Dependency Units are the medical standard for in category care.

We are constantly upgrading, our upcoming maternity wing will bring affordable comfort and care to mother and child in our new wards.
We offer specialized services like plastic surgery and a tremendous network of medical professionals to ensure patient care is at the centre of all we do.

Call it Compassion. Or Cover.

We have unmatched capacity in our dedicated Covid-19 specific hospital at HealthPoint Upper East Medical Centre.  HealthPoint’s multiple locations, professional relationships and services all provide our promise: Comprehensive Cover.

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We Care About You

Embrace your Health

This is a picture of Health. It doesn’t always happen. So very quickly we must react or create solutions. That’s the point of compassionate health provision.

Taking the trauma- out of trauma

“What I liked most was how HealthPoint helped calm me down. I mean the trauma of the situation traumatized me and I couldn’t think straight- that’s when the situation was brought back into control. I’m so thankful. So is my family. Their trauma unit is great.

Achieving Better Health Care

As part of HealthPoint’s mission to provide health care designed around you, we offer comfortable medical suites from consultation to medical intervention.


HealthPoint has worldwide agreements as the hospital of choice for accredited organizations, groups and companies.
  • UN
  • WHO
  • European Union
  • International Organization for Migration(IOM)
  • Oxfam
  • US Embassy
  • Embassy of Switzerland
  • Population Services International (PSI)
  • Plan International
  • Harare & District Hellenic Community
  • Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority (National Parks)
  • International Medical aids such as BUPA, Cigna, Allianz, International SOS, AETNA, NOW Health, Interglobal, etc
Peter Annesley

Peter Annesley

Chief Executive Officer

Behind the scenes is a service visionary whose life is driven by : Patient Centered Care.
Peter Annesley helped grow a niche hospital into a state of the art health facility with dedicated professionals, multiple locations and specialized services to provide Comprehensive Cover.

Dr.  Matthew Wazara

Dr. Matthew Wazara

Medical Director

Dr Matthew Wazara is our Chief Officer. With over 20 years' experience in general practice and as a specialist surgeon, Dr Wazara has served in the public and private domain to bring healing and vitality of life to the infirm.