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How can we assist you?


High fear

Pre-screening. If Covid positive and in distress, admitted into a Covid isolation pod and transferred to HealthPoint Upper East Covid Center.


Mitigating Fear

Covid negative, accident and emergency admissions after clearing paperwork, radiology, laboratory and consultations. General Ward, Critical Care including theatre, ICU, HDU or other facilities.


Low Fear

Path to recovery with specialist services, compassion and capacity for comprehensive cover.


Accident and Emergencies

Our Accident & Emergency Unit is manned 24 hours by qualified doctors, nurses and emergency personnel trained and ready for all types of emergencies.

Patients coming through the Emergency Rooms have direct and immediate access to theatre and ICU if the need arises.

Things you may require:

  1. Your medical aid details
  2. Your specialists name (if applicable)
  3. You may need your credit card or cash to cover any shortfalls that may arise